Sprouts: Because you can’t eat out every day

We have eaten out many times before I started chronicling our dining experiences, and sometimes you just get sick and tired of eating out.  Cooking in our kitchen is not at all appealing because its about 15 sq ft.  You can barely turn around in there, let alone cook.  And forget about it if you have to do laundry too!  The washer and dryer are tucked in at the end of the kitchen behind folding doors.

Anyway, we decided that we would eat in more this week.  I like Central Market in Houston, but the one here is 20+ minutes away.  That’s a long way to get to the grocery store!  I have tried the HEB on De Zavala and I-10 a couple times, but I just don’t like it.  But, this week, we got an ad for Sprouts.  Apparently, it’s the old Sun Harvest market off of Callaghan. Continue reading