Goin’ to Godai

yum sushi!

We have been craving sushi like crazy all week.  J wanted to go to Sushi Zushi, but I insisted that we expand our palate and try something new.  So many people have told us that Godai kicks Sushi Zushi’s butt, so we decided to head there for an early dinner (we got off of work early due to the holiday.. yippee!!)

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All Things Asian at Tong’s Thai

Did you ever wake up one day and think, “Gee, I’d really like some bubble tea, sushi and a nice bowl of pad thai?”  If you answered yes, then Tong’s Thai is the place for you.  Tong’s was recommended to us by J’s little brother, a UTSA alum.

We headed over to Tong’s on a Saturday afternoon after walking dogs at the Animal Defense League.  We were famished after chasing around adorable pups and J was in the mood for Thai food.   Now, here is where this review gets a little funny.  J and I have completely different opinions when it comes to this place… which is strange because we are usually on the same page (at least with respect to dining!) Continue reading