Modern Seafood at the Sandbar

After a busy work week, J and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner.  We turned to the Fearless Critic guide for dining inspiration.  Not in the mood for a dud, we chose the guide’s top pick – Sandbar.  All I can say is “wow.”  J and I definitely agree… Sandbar is a top contender for best restaurant in San Antonio.  Certainly it wins the category of best seafood (Sorry Wildfish!) Continue reading


An Unlikely Spot for a Delicious Burger: Lüke

It’s hard to believe that the best burger I’ve had in town is at Lüke, a restaurant which is fashioned after the “Franco-German brasseries that once dominated New Orleans.”  Burgers are not your standard French, German or New Orleans fare… but who cares?!  Woohoo I finally found a yummy burger! Continue reading