A New Year’s Eve Feast

tres chic

The San Antonio Express-News recently reviewed Feast and wrote, “Everything about Feast is beautiful — the gleaming whitewalls and tables, clear acrylic chairs, glittering multicolored chandeliers, the glamorous servers of both sexes, and the gorgeous plating of various dishes.” We could not agree more.  It was as if we stepped out of casual, comfy San Antonio and into the Chicago or NYC dining scene.

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MySA Food Flashes: S.A. restaurants not world worthy?

The MySA Food Flashes blog reports that the fourth edition of Zagat’s “World’s Top Restaurants” has been released and doesn’t include any San Antonio or nearby restaurants.  Houston and Dallas have more than 20 listings each.  In my limited time here, I can see why Houston would have more than 20 listings and San Antonio none. There are a handful of great places here (for instance, Biga on the Banks and Gwendolyn), but cities like Houston have a much more developed dining scene.. and a whole lot less of a taste for chains. But, San Antonio is growing – I think we’ll get there!

Texas Monthly Gives San Antonio Rave Reviews on Breakfast

I frequently read the food section of www.mysa.com, and I was thrilled to see the headline “S.A. gets raves for its breakfasts,” because so far, my experience with breakfasts in SA has been less than stellar.  Texas Monthly compiled a list of the 40 best breakfast places in all of Texas and a bunch in San Antonio received kudos?  Woohoo!

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