Questionable Name. Fantastic Ice Cream.


We have passed our neighborhood ice cream shop, Brindles, many times.  But… that name, it just doesn’t say “ice cream” to me.  Why?  Because “brindle” is defined as “a brownish or tawny color of animal fur, with streaks of other color.”  Reminds me of this brindle horse… Hmmm…

Well, last Sunday, J wanted to check out Half-Price Books and it’s right next to the Brindles, so we thought we’d give it a try. cream.

All I can say is YUM!!  J had a small cup of ice cream with one scoop of cardamom ice cream and one scoop of  cinnamon. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the name, I decided on a small cup of the brindle flavor ice cream which is vanilla ice cream with butterscotch, chocolate and little crispy chunks mixed in.  Sooo good.   Our favorite was the cardamom ice cream.

Brindles has a huge variety of ice creams and gelato – and they also have coffee and espresso.  If you buy something at Half Price Books or the Nutrition shop, you get a discount when you present your receipt.  We definitely recommend Brindles… and we will be back!  Now go out and give that cardamom ice cream a try!!

Our rating:

Atmosphere 5.0
Service 8.0
Food 8.0
Total 7.0

Great ice cream, friendly staff.  Love the flavor varieties.

11255 Huebner Suite 210
San Antonio, TX 78230

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2 responses to “Questionable Name. Fantastic Ice Cream.

  1. Molo – My husband and I love reading your blog!! We enjoy eating out and are always looking for good places in SA. Have you been to been to The Lodge? It’s closing soon and our friends all say we must go before it closes, but I hear it’s pricey. Is it worth it??

    • Hi Elise — We haven’t been there yet, but we’ve heard the same things you have! We are hoping to get there before it closes. Stay tuned for a review 🙂

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