Still Looking for a Good Indian Food Fix

I first tried Indian food back in college, and since the first bite I have been addicted.  J has been addicted since birth (he’s Indian.) Houston was a great city for such an addiction – so many choices… India’s, Bombay Brasserie, and then the new trendy ones like Pondicheri (the restaurant that provided the delicious cardamom cookies for our wedding).

The choices do not abound here in San Antonio.   My first Indian dining first experience was the dinner buffet at Bombay Hall, a restaurant that received the highest rating out of all of the Indian restaurants in town.  Given this, and my lack of enthusiasm, I had all but given up on the Indian food in San Antonio.  

But, last weekend, we were craving our old weekend standard.. the Indian lunch buffet.  Upon the recommendation of J’s brother, we went to India Palace.  It was better than Bombay Hall.. but it was nothing close to our favorites in Houston.

yum, curry.

We started with a mango lassi and a sweet lassi.  Both pretty good.  We then attacked the buffet.   I tried pretty much everything … the chicken curry, the chicken tikka masala, the saag paneer, the chana masala, and naan.  In addition to all of that, J also had the tandoori chicken and the egg curry (I just don’t like the looks of egg curry.)

The flavoring and spice was pretty good, but the sauces were a little on the runny side.  We also saw one of the employees deep frying huge skewers of chicken pieces…. Any one who knows a thing about cooking Indian food knows that’s not the proper way to start an Indian dish.  We shared some cardamom rice pudding for dessert – and we give that two thumbs up! Delish!

rice pudding

Overall, India Palace satisfied our craving, but it won’t do for the long haul.

Our rating:

Atmosphere 3.5
Service 3.5
Food 3.0
Total 3.3

Friendly and quick service.  Nicely flavored food despite the thin sauces.  Very reasonable prices.

India Palace
8474 Fredericksburg Road, Suite 100
San Antonio, TX 78229

India Palace on Urbanspoon


2 responses to “Still Looking for a Good Indian Food Fix

  1. You are right – indian food is mighty hard to come by in SA and I have not had anything decent here. Kohinoor is on my list of places to try next but I am kind of reluctant to do so since it’s pretty much my last hope.

    Totally not Indian food at all but try Pasha. When you’re looking for something other than BBQ, Burgers or Tex Mex in San Antonio sometimes close (or not really that close) enough has to do.

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