Trendsetter Alert! Social House International

social house

Since I have entirely too much time to eat and write reviews, I am also a member of Yelp Elite.  Sometimes I get notes through Yelp informing me of neat events.  About a month ago, I got a note from Social House International, an underground dining restaurant.  I was intrigued.  J and I planned to go to the inaugural dinner, but things were not going our way and we couldn’t make it.  Luckily, I stayed in touch with Chef Andrew and we will be attending the Christmas dinner on December 16.  Cannot wait!


Because I like to torture myself by hearing about all of the yummy food that I was not able to enjoy, I emailed Andrew to see how the event went.   “It is more than we hoped it would be and we can’t wait for our next event!” Chef Andrew said.  He reported that the place was packed both nights and began with a happy hour in the front lounge with Becker and Messina Hof wines, Alamo beer and local lamb short rib tacos with queso fresco and pickled red onions.

the soup

Guests were then escorted into the community-style dining area where they received courses of sweet corn soup with fennel creme brulee, braised pork belly with smoked cheddar grits and a “bone-in” Gulf Redfish chop with stewed black eyed peas, finished off with a spiced apple tart with Jack Daniels Ice Cream.

The best thing about all Social House dinners is that a portion of the suggested donation ($35 per person) is donated to charity, in this case, a donation was made to Elf Louise, a charity that makes Christmas special for less fortunate families here in Bexar County.  The theme for Decemebr is Buon Natale, a Traditional Italian Holiday, featuring homemade antipasto, bacala potato salad, cappalletti, braciole and panforte.

J and I will be there will bells on!!  So grab some friends, grab some wine and head on over to Social House where you will find great food, great people and plenty of holiday spirit.

The Christmas dinner will be served on December 2 and 3, with others following the 9 and 10 and the 16 and 17.  You can contact Social House via email or visit their Facebook page for more information.


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