A New Year’s Eve Feast

tres chic

The San Antonio Express-News recently reviewed Feast and wrote, “Everything about Feast is beautiful — the gleaming whitewalls and tables, clear acrylic chairs, glittering multicolored chandeliers, the glamorous servers of both sexes, and the gorgeous plating of various dishes.” We could not agree more.  It was as if we stepped out of casual, comfy San Antonio and into the Chicago or NYC dining scene.

We chose Feast for our New Year’s Eve dinner because their 10 pm seating allowed for viewing of the downtown fireworks.  We arrived a little early and sat outside for drinks comfortably, thanks to the warmth of the modern-styled heat lamps.  Our server, Bobby, was fantastic and dealt with us well (we can sometimes be a tad high maintenance).  For instance, I ordered a “Princess” cocktail and half way through, I asked if he could just have the bartender put another splash of liquor in as it was a little weak.  He came back with a fresh drink, doubled. Thanks Bobby!

course 1

The 10 pm seating was a $65 4-course prix fixe menu, which was not published in advance and made us a little leery.  We were pleased when we finally had the chance to peruse the menu.  The first course was a seared scallop and tomato and avocado salad.  Second course was a veal cheeks ravioli.  Third course offered the choice of seared ahi tuna, roasted duck breast, and braised short rib.  And, dessert was a chocolate ganache bite with a little piece of cinnamon baklava and a dollop of cream.  All sounded really yum, so we were glad we made the reservation.

short rib

Three of us at the table really enjoyed the scallop, but one diner’s scallop was underdone.  The next course, the veal cheek ravioli was good, and the veal filling was reminiscent of Indian food.  Between the four of us, we tried all three of the 3rd course choices.  Although, I did not try it, I hear that the ahi tuna was quite good.  I had the roasted duck breast.  It was served with a nice crisp skin and had a tinge of pink, as properly prepared duck should.  The only issue was that is was served on a room temperature plate and quickly lost its heat.  Similarly, the braised short rib was presented on an unheated plate.  The rib was well-prepared and was tender and falling off the bone.  J said that the sauce that accompanied the rib was his favorite part of the dish.  As ambitious as the first three courses were, the dessert fell a bit short.  It was tasty, but obviously pre-plated and not as inventive as some of the early courses.


The staff began passing out noise makers, hats and streamers just shy of midnight.  We all headed outside and got some sparklers going while the fireworks began.  All in all, Feast knows how to put on a good party!  Thank you, Feast, for a memorable start to the new year!

Our rating: 

Atmosphere 7.1
Service 7.4
Food 5.8
Total 6.8

Feast Reastaurant
1024 S Alamo
San Antonio, TX 78210

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