San Antonio Palate vs. The Fearless Critic


Today, I was excited to come home to a present from J – a copy of The Fearless Critic San Antonio.  The Houston version was my dining bible so I was super happy to get it!  I decided to see how my scores stacked up the the Critics’.  It seemed we were generally on the same page, but there were a few restaurants where our scores were very different.  Check out my comparison chart (yes, I know I am a nerd).

Surprisingly, only about half of the restaurants I reviewed are in the book.  Because I am a nerd, I did a quick comparison chart.  Overall, the Critic is much nicer than I am.  I was most shocked that the Critic liked India Palace so much!  I think J and I (at least J for sure since he is Indian) have more street cred with regard to Indian food.  I was also surprised at the Los Barrios food score, which was a full 3.2 points higher than we gave it.

On the most delicious list, there are several I definitely agree with (we’ve eaten at a few great places before I started the old blog), including Dough, The Lodge (sadly, closed), Biga and my fave – Gwendolyn!

fearless critic comparison chart


2 responses to “San Antonio Palate vs. The Fearless Critic

  1. love the comparison chart!! i have Fearless Critic SA at home and often question its ratings. sometimes i think it’s way off!

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