On the Rivard Report: Merit Roasting Bringing World-Class Beans to the Southside

Check out my coverage of Merit Roasting, a venture by Robby Grubbs on Local Coffee on The Rivard Report:

Five years ago, Local Coffee owner Robby Grubbs changed the landscape of the coffee business in San Antonio when he opened the doors of his first Local Coffee shop. Local found its niche as a multi-roaster shop – a coffee shop brewing small batches of different, high-quality beans in what is called the “third wave of coffee.”

The third wave is a relatively new culinary movement characterized by its commitment to high-quality, specialty coffee – coffee as an art, not a bitter, murky brew to perk you up on your morning commute.

This spring, Grubbs will once again transform the San Antonio coffee scene with the official opening of Merit Roasting Co., a high-end roasting operation located in a historic Southtown building on 2001 S. Presa St.

Read more on the Rivard Report: http://therivardreport.com/merit-roasting-bringing-world-class-beans-southside/

If you haven’t had a delicious coffee drink made with a Merit roast at Local Coffee — go now!!


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