Lunch in the BBQ Capital of Texas


Everyone has been telling us to go to Lockhart and try some BBQ, since it is the BBQ Capital of the Lone Star State.  We were out at the Natural Bridge Caverns right outside of San Antonio (with a stop next door at the Wildlife Safari) and decided to go the extra hour to have some delicious BBQ.

After some quick review reading on our way, we decided on Black’s BBQ.  Black’s is one of the oldest BBQ restaurants in Texas, continuously owned and operated by the same family.  And, we were intrigued by the fact that during President Lyndon Johnson’s term in the 1960’s, the President asked Black’s BBQ to provide barbecue sausage to be served on the grounds of the U.S. Capital in front of the Smithsonian Institute. Continue reading


Questionable Name. Fantastic Ice Cream.


We have passed our neighborhood ice cream shop, Brindles, many times.  But… that name, it just doesn’t say “ice cream” to me.  Why?  Because “brindle” is defined as “a brownish or tawny color of animal fur, with streaks of other color.”  Reminds me of this brindle horse… Hmmm…

Well, last Sunday, J wanted to check out Half-Price Books and it’s right next to the Brindles, so we thought we’d give it a try. Continue reading

Semi-authentic British Fare at Lion & Rose

There is a great British pub in Houston called the Red Lion.  We would go all the time, especially on Thursday “Steak Night.”  A few weeks ago, I suggested to J that we go to a British pub down the street called Fox & Hound British Pub & Grille.  Much to my chagrin, there was no curry, no sausage wrapped in pastry.. just fries, wings and beer.  Now that is false advertising!!

So, we decided to give British pub fare another shot and we headed over to the Lion & the Rose up in Stone Oak.  It was in a cute little strip mall type area and the patio was packed.  The decor was pretty authentic, but I am skeptical that women in London run around wearing short plaid skirts and knee high socks.  I felt like I was in a Britney Spears video. Continue reading

Perfection at Pam’s Patio Kitchen

much needed

J was working late, so we decided to go out for a quick dinner.  I was craving one of my Houston faves, Ruggles Green.  San Antonio doesn’t seem to have the same appreciation for organic and locally grown foods yet (I think that will come in time!)  I figured we could find a nice, casual place with a good variety and a decent selection of wine.  I referred to the restaurant list my co-workers gave me and Pam’s Patio sounded cute, so I doubled checked it out on Yelp.  Sounded yummy and we liked the idea of a nice outdoor patio (even though it was too chilly that day to sit outside!) Continue reading

Sprouts: Because you can’t eat out every day

We have eaten out many times before I started chronicling our dining experiences, and sometimes you just get sick and tired of eating out.  Cooking in our kitchen is not at all appealing because its about 15 sq ft.  You can barely turn around in there, let alone cook.  And forget about it if you have to do laundry too!  The washer and dryer are tucked in at the end of the kitchen behind folding doors.

Anyway, we decided that we would eat in more this week.  I like Central Market in Houston, but the one here is 20+ minutes away.  That’s a long way to get to the grocery store!  I have tried the HEB on De Zavala and I-10 a couple times, but I just don’t like it.  But, this week, we got an ad for Sprouts.  Apparently, it’s the old Sun Harvest market off of Callaghan. Continue reading