Z Tejas: No Bueno

J got home from work late and I didn’t feel like cooking, so we decided to go to La Cantera, do a little window shopping and grab a bite to eat.  The first place we passed was Z Tejas, and we were immediately attracted to it because of the great patio and lively crowd.  One look at the menu and we were sold – steaks, pasta, fish, yum!

We were seated right away and I was excited to take a closer peek at the menu.  The tagline of Z Tejas is “Fresh. Flavorful. Innovative.,” so we couldn’t wait to try the food.  After the drinks were brought out, a nice griddle of corn bread was brought out… a nice touch.  On the waiter’s recommendation, I ordered the entree size wedge salad with seared beef tenderloin.  J ordered the chorizo-stuffed pork tenderloin.  Both sound delicious right? But, no.

We knew as soon as the dishes were delivered that it was not going to be good.  First, it took about 5 minutes for the plates to come out – not a good sign.  The food was microwaved and you could tell.

The salad was fine – your typical wedge salad – but the seared tenderloin was more like warmed up charred steak bits.  The blue cheese dressing was definitely from a bottle.  But, you can’t mess up a salad too badly, so it was fine. The pork tenderloin on the other hand.  Wow.  The whole dinner reminded me of a TV dinner.  The mashed potatoes were definitely from a box (and I would know, my mom used to cheat and make the boxed spuds when she was really busy.)  The veggies had an unnatural brightness is their color.  And the pork?  It was lukewarm in temperature and smothered in a cream sauce.  J said it was the worstmeal he’s paid for (apparently, I’ve cooked a couple of things that were worse..lol!)

J had his eye on dessert, so we ordered an apple crisp.  How can you mess up apple cobbler?  It’s some fruit, crumbs and ice cream.  Well, it is indeed possible.  The apples were definitely canned.  They were limp and chewy.  The entire dessert was drenched in butter.  I didn’t mind because I love butter, but J was less than enthused.

All in all, a very “blah” experience.  We won’t be back unless its for drinks on the patio.  No food, thankyouverymuch.

Our rating:

Atmosphere 5.0
Service 3.0
Food 3.0
Total 3.7

Ambiance is pretty nice, but if you are hungry, go elsewhere.  This place would be good for drinks on the patio.  Decent prices.  Our total with one glass of wine, the meals, and dessert was $46 + tip.

Z Tejas
15900 La Cantera Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78256
(210) 690-3334

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3 responses to “Z Tejas: No Bueno

  1. Z Tejas originated in Austin and now has restaurants throughout the southwest. The original in Austin is better, but please give it another try… its very popular in Austin. Margaritas are very good, love the shrimp tostada bite appetizer, and enchiladas for entree. Sorry you went on an off night – it happens at that location. I’ve had everything on the menu in Austin and never had bad experience.

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