All Things Asian at Tong’s Thai

Did you ever wake up one day and think, “Gee, I’d really like some bubble tea, sushi and a nice bowl of pad thai?”  If you answered yes, then Tong’s Thai is the place for you.  Tong’s was recommended to us by J’s little brother, a UTSA alum.

We headed over to Tong’s on a Saturday afternoon after walking dogs at the Animal Defense League.  We were famished after chasing around adorable pups and J was in the mood for Thai food.   Now, here is where this review gets a little funny.  J and I have completely different opinions when it comes to this place… which is strange because we are usually on the same page (at least with respect to dining!)

At the waitress’ recommendation, we started off with the special sushi roll.  It was good, but we have had better.  Then, I had the Pad Khi Mao and J had green curry.  He seemed much more enthusiastic about his dish than I was about mine.  The dish was pretty bland although the waitress had warned that it was spicy.  I tasted J’s curry and I felt that both dishes were fine, but not particularly inspiring.

The bubble tea is decent, but there are not a ton of options.  I wanted just black tea, unsweetened with tapioca balls.  They didn’t have it… but they had milk black tea.  I asked if they could just not put the milk.. no possible apparently.  J would give this place 3.5 smileys and I would give it 2.5. so we’ll average it out and call it a 3.  My overall sentiment is “meh.”  Our search for Thai in San Antonio will continue.

Our rating:

Atmosphere 5.0
Service 6.0
Food 5.0
Total 5.3

Decent food for reasonable prices, but we’ll keep looking for Thai places.

Tong’s Thai
1146 Austin Highway
San Antonio, TX 78209-4844
(210) 829-7345

Tong's Thai on Urbanspoon


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