Il Sogn-overrated

Our mini critic club was back together this Friday for dinner at Il Sogno.  We’ve been once for lunch, and I thought my margarita pizza tasted like Chef Boyardee boxed pizza.. but, everyone raves about this place, so we went back.  I was hopeful when we walked in as it was so bustling and filled with yuppies.  But, hours later, as we cast our votes… it became clear: Il Sogno is overrated. Continue reading

Grease ‘n Cheese at Chris Madrid’s


Someone please tell me: Is there a good burger in this city?  The two burger places that are frequently recommended to us are Longhorn Cafe (previously reviewed) and Chris Madrid’s.  I am not the biggest fan of either, but Chris Madrid’s is definitely my less favorite of the two.  However, judging by the crowd at this place, I am definitely in the minority.  Chris Madrid’s is, I am told, a San Antonio institution. I can’t figure out why. To be fair, J does really like this place, but I have a feeling it’s because it reminds him of his old college days. Continue reading

Tex Mex Trial (and Error)


We don’t really like Tex Mex that much.  There, I said it.  Maybe it’s the places I’ve tried (if someone has a reco, send it my way). Since I moved to Texas several years ago, I’ve repeatedly attempted to like Tex Mex.  In San Antonio and Houston alike, margarita happy hours with chips and salsa are practically a way of life.  Anyway, my parents were in town and they really love Tex Mex.  Unfortunately, they live in Pittsburgh and the options are limited.  Based on a friend’s recommendation, we decided to take them to Los Barrios on Blanco Road.  Continue reading

Week of Chains: Pei Wei and Yard House

chain week

This week was especially chaotic and J was working non-stop.  We didn’t have time to think about what and where to eat, so we went the chain route this week.  If you’ve read the San Antonio Palate before, you know I am not a chain fan… but sometimes, it’s just so easy, you can’t resist. This week, I had Pei Wei take out when J was working late, and one night we went for drinks and burgers at the Yard House. Continue reading

Greasy Goodness at Longhorn Cafe

A friend of ours gave us a very long list of places we have to try.. and for great burgers, Longhorn Cafe topped her list.  Our intent to have a late breakfast turned into a quest for a yummy burger and we found ourselves at Longhorn Cafe.  In my book, a good burger is a Super Burger from Eat’n Park. This burger wasn’t quite like that, but good all the same. Continue reading

Not Drooling for Drew’s

We’re always on the look out for great places to grab a bite, so when we saw the article about Drew’s American Grill in the San Antonio Magazine we were sold and made our reservation. The food looked fabulous from the pictures – and we loved the idea of “imaginative” cooking as mentioned on the restaurant’s website.

Continue reading

All Things Asian at Tong’s Thai

Did you ever wake up one day and think, “Gee, I’d really like some bubble tea, sushi and a nice bowl of pad thai?”  If you answered yes, then Tong’s Thai is the place for you.  Tong’s was recommended to us by J’s little brother, a UTSA alum.

We headed over to Tong’s on a Saturday afternoon after walking dogs at the Animal Defense League.  We were famished after chasing around adorable pups and J was in the mood for Thai food.   Now, here is where this review gets a little funny.  J and I have completely different opinions when it comes to this place… which is strange because we are usually on the same page (at least with respect to dining!) Continue reading