Il Sogn-overrated

Our mini critic club was back together this Friday for dinner at Il Sogno.  We’ve been once for lunch, and I thought my margarita pizza tasted like Chef Boyardee boxed pizza.. but, everyone raves about this place, so we went back.  I was hopeful when we walked in as it was so bustling and filled with yuppies.  But, hours later, as we cast our votes… it became clear: Il Sogno is overrated. Continue reading


Grease ‘n Cheese at Chris Madrid’s


Someone please tell me: Is there a good burger in this city?  The two burger places that are frequently recommended to us are Longhorn Cafe (previously reviewed) and Chris Madrid’s.  I am not the biggest fan of either, but Chris Madrid’s is definitely my less favorite of the two.  However, judging by the crowd at this place, I am definitely in the minority.  Chris Madrid’s is, I am told, a San Antonio institution. I can’t figure out why. To be fair, J does really like this place, but I have a feeling it’s because it reminds him of his old college days. Continue reading

Tex Mex Trial (and Error)


We don’t really like Tex Mex that much.  There, I said it.  Maybe it’s the places I’ve tried (if someone has a reco, send it my way). Since I moved to Texas several years ago, I’ve repeatedly attempted to like Tex Mex.  In San Antonio and Houston alike, margarita happy hours with chips and salsa are practically a way of life.  Anyway, my parents were in town and they really love Tex Mex.  Unfortunately, they live in Pittsburgh and the options are limited.  Based on a friend’s recommendation, we decided to take them to Los Barrios on Blanco Road.  Continue reading

Week of Chains: Pei Wei and Yard House

chain week

This week was especially chaotic and J was working non-stop.  We didn’t have time to think about what and where to eat, so we went the chain route this week.  If you’ve read the San Antonio Palate before, you know I am not a chain fan… but sometimes, it’s just so easy, you can’t resist. This week, I had Pei Wei take out when J was working late, and one night we went for drinks and burgers at the Yard House. Continue reading

Greasy Goodness at Longhorn Cafe

A friend of ours gave us a very long list of places we have to try.. and for great burgers, Longhorn Cafe topped her list.  Our intent to have a late breakfast turned into a quest for a yummy burger and we found ourselves at Longhorn Cafe.  In my book, a good burger is a Super Burger from Eat’n Park. This burger wasn’t quite like that, but good all the same. Continue reading