Texas Monthly Gives San Antonio Rave Reviews on Breakfast

I frequently read the food section of www.mysa.com, and I was thrilled to see the headline “S.A. gets raves for its breakfasts,” because so far, my experience with breakfasts in SA has been less than stellar.  Texas Monthly compiled a list of the 40 best breakfast places in all of Texas and a bunch in San Antonio received kudos?  Woohoo!

But, as soon as I got to the second paragraph, my hopes dimmed.  Il Sogno made the Top 40 in Texas list…..  Now I doubt the validity of this list entirely.  We went for brunch/lunch on a Sunday not too long ago.  I ordered the margherita  pizza.  Do you remember the Chef Boyardee boxed pizza mixes?  My mom used to make them on busy weeknights when she didn’t have time to put something too complicated together.


Yeah… it tasted like that… except was  10 x as expensive and served by a snotty high school aged kid.  J had an uninspiring risotto and his brother had a mushroom pizza, which was basically the same Chef Boyardee tasting mess with a bunch of mushrooms on it.

What’s more disturbing though is the eatery’s recent health inspection reports.  The following quote is from the La Gloria owner and not Il Sogno’s, but it’s my favorite part of the whole story: “I was going to dispute it. I got busy and didn’t do it,” he says. Hernandez says it has been “a long time” since he got a low score and says this “usually happens when someone (from the health department) is in training,” as he says was the case during the inspection he received.

Mmmkay…… Sounds like an angsty high school kid who got an F on his report card telling his parents he failed because the teacher was stupid.  And, really?  If you are too lazy to dispute a failing health inspection report are you also too lazy to handle food properly?  Just sayin’.

That said, I have heard good things about Magnolia Pancake Haus and Guenther House, so we will likely give the remaining restaurants on the Texas Monthly list a fair try.


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