Goin’ to Godai

yum sushi!

We have been craving sushi like crazy all week.  J wanted to go to Sushi Zushi, but I insisted that we expand our palate and try something new.  So many people have told us that Godai kicks Sushi Zushi’s butt, so we decided to head there for an early dinner (we got off of work early due to the holiday.. yippee!!)

asahi and wine!

We arrived at the converted house restaurant a little before 5 and it turns out Godai doesn’t open until 5 pm.  But, the Chef/Owner, Goro, waved us in and told us to have a seat.  They weren’t ready for food service, but the server offered to get some drinks for us.  We were pleasantly surprised to find out it was happy hour (Tues & Thurs from 5-6), but the happy hour prices include a limited amount of sashimi, mini-rolls and hand rolls… but not drinks!  We were of course the first ones there since we were early, but a line formed outside the door waiting for the 5:00 opening!  By the time 5:05 pm hit, the place was half full… sign of a good place!

We actually ended up not ordering from the happy hour menu at all because the regular roll menu looked  so enticing!  We thought about getting four rolls, but dialed it back to two when our server told us that the specialty rolls each come with soup and a salad.

me so miso

I don’t usually like miso soup, but I loved this soup!  It was so flavorful and yummy.  J thought it was a tad salty.  Our rolls arrived after a few minutes.  We ordered the Longhorn roll, which is tuna, salmon, cream cheese and avocado wrapped with shrimp and topped with shredded crab stick and tempura crunchies, drizzled with a spicy mayo – and a Texas roll, which has a ton of stuff.. salmon, tuna, eel, shrimp, cream cheese and capers.  The fish all tasted very fresh.

texas (l) & longhorn (r)

Both were really yummy!!  But, we should have only gotten one roll with cream cheese, because they are very filling.  A lot of the rolls on the menu seem to include cream cheese and/or capers which I thought pretty unusual.. hadn’t seen that before.  We really liked the rolls and couldn’t finish them (good thing we didn’t get four!!)

I wouldn’t say that Godai kicks Sushi Zushi’s butt, but it is pretty darn good and the two are very close in quality and taste.  We really enjoyed the great service and the quaint converted home atmosphere.  We loved that the owner/chef was so welcoming and that our server was friendly and took care of us, even though he wasn’t on the clock.  We’ll be back.. and next time we’ll try the happy hour sushi!

Our rating:

Atmosphere 7.0
Service 7.0
Food 7.0
Total 7.0

Yummy rolls served with soup and salad!  Cozy atmosphere and lovely service!

Godai Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant
11203 West Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78213
(210) 348-6781

Godai Sushi Bar and Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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