Goin’ to Godai

yum sushi!

We have been craving sushi like crazy all week.  J wanted to go to Sushi Zushi, but I insisted that we expand our palate and try something new.  So many people have told us that Godai kicks Sushi Zushi’s butt, so we decided to head there for an early dinner (we got off of work early due to the holiday.. yippee!!)

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Roll on Over to Sushi Zushi

Roll on over! Get it?!  One thing that’s proving hard to get used to is that many restaurants are in strip malls.  We are missing out on some great places because we generally shy away from strip mall joints.

Years ago, when I was on a work assignment in San Antonio, I used to go to the downtown Sushi Zushi.  We were craving sushi today and I quickly googled Sushi Zushi and found that there was a location really close to our home.  Yay!  So, we set about driving there and missed it!  Then we circled back around and saw the sign.  Tucked in the back of a nondescript strip mall was Sushi Zushi.  We walked in and were pleasantly surprised by the modern and trendy decor.  My little yuppie heart was racing and I was hoping that finally we had found a delicious sushi place! Continue reading