Fredericksburg Weekend: Chisholm Trail Winery

what time is it?

Last weekend, we ventured to Fredericksburg with a great new group of friends.  Even though I have lived in Texas for 8 years, I have never been out to visit the wineries.  Shocking, really, given how much we LOVE wine!  Our plan was to hit up 10 wineries over the course of the day.  We gave up after 5.  Funny enough,  our favorite winery was our first stop – Chisholm Trail Winery. 

belle starr

As soon as we walked in the bar area, I knew we would like the place.  It had a rustic feel and a big wooden bar where you stand to do your tastings… and a table full of hats and boas to be used as props for pictures!  Guests can choose from a $7 tasting or a $9 tasting.  Both include a tasting of 5 wines, but for the extra $2 you can keep the wine glass.  The gals behind the bar were a hoot — and they were very generous with their pours!  Even among a group that favors red wine, the dry white, Belle Star, was the fave.  The wine description reads, “Aroma of Tangerine. Extremely well balanced with hints of Pineapple and Apple. Light Cherry finish.”  Yum!

At some point, we realized that there was a little in-house pizzeria with a hand-built brick oven that gets up to 700 degrees.  The dough is hand tossed and local ingredients are used.  We ordered two pizzas – one with an AMAZING quail sausage and one with fresh local veggies.  Both were fabulous, but the quail sausage was seriously delicious.  We ventured outside to eat and continue our “tastings” and discovered that there was a horse shoe game set up.  The boys all played horse shoes while the winey mascots (two miniature donkeys) looked on.

We bought a couple of bottles of the Belle Starr and I can’t wait for a special night to pop those open!  Definitely looking forward to visiting Chisholm Trail again.

Our rating:

Atmosphere 8.0
Service 8.0
Food 8.0
Total 8.0

I dream of that pizza.  So. Darn. Good.

Chisholm Trail Winery
2367 Usener Road
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
830.990.2675 or 877.990.2675


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