It’s True: Food IS Bliss

We’d been hearing great things about Bliss for a while now, but just made it there a couple of weeks ago.  The restaurant’s website states that “food is bliss” and after this dining experience, I agree!  Located in Southtown, this trendy spot has plenty of parking, a cute bar and some outdoor seating. Continue reading


A Guest Post: Blissful Dining at Bliss


A co-worker and friend of mine, I call him JP, has exquisite taste in wines and knows all the best places to dine.  His birthday was this past Friday and he had the opportunity to partake in the chef’s dinner at Bliss, Mark Bliss’ new restaurant in the trendy Southtown part of town. I haven’t had a chance to go to Bliss yet, but after reading JP’s review, we will definitely be making a reservation soon.  JP knows everything about wine and since I know nothing about wine (other than I like it a lot), I thought his guest review would be a perfect addition to our list of reviews!  Please enjoy JP’s review! Continue reading

These Kolaches Will Change Your Life.

When we lived on Vance Jackson, we’d often pass a little shopping center on the corner of Huebner and Vance Jackson.  For months, we’d see this little sign stuck near the intersection beckoning us to visit the Kolache Stop.  And, one Saturday we did.  Now it’s our regular weekend breakfast spot.  Saturday morning is not complete without a bag of warm kolaches and a subsequent stop at the nearby Starbucks.  Yum!  Continue reading

Fredericksburg Weekend: Chisholm Trail Winery

what time is it?

Last weekend, we ventured to Fredericksburg with a great new group of friends.  Even though I have lived in Texas for 8 years, I have never been out to visit the wineries.  Shocking, really, given how much we LOVE wine!  Our plan was to hit up 10 wineries over the course of the day.  We gave up after 5.  Funny enough,  our favorite winery was our first stop – Chisholm Trail Winery.  Continue reading

Modern Seafood at the Sandbar

After a busy work week, J and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner.  We turned to the Fearless Critic guide for dining inspiration.  Not in the mood for a dud, we chose the guide’s top pick – Sandbar.  All I can say is “wow.”  J and I definitely agree… Sandbar is a top contender for best restaurant in San Antonio.  Certainly it wins the category of best seafood (Sorry Wildfish!) Continue reading