These Kolaches Will Change Your Life.

When we lived on Vance Jackson, we’d often pass a little shopping center on the corner of Huebner and Vance Jackson.  For months, we’d see this little sign stuck near the intersection beckoning us to visit the Kolache Stop.  And, one Saturday we did.  Now it’s our regular weekend breakfast spot.  Saturday morning is not complete without a bag of warm kolaches and a subsequent stop at the nearby Starbucks.  Yum! 

so many choices

Tucked away in the corner of a strip mall shopping center, the Kolache Stop is unassuming and could easily be missed.  Prepare to be greeted by the aroma of freshly baked kolache dough as you walk in.  Behind the counter, there are rows and rows of kolaches of all types. On the left, you see the egg and meat breakfast tacos.  Our favorites are the link sausage kolaches… all of them are delicious, the plain sausage, the sausage and cheese and the jalapeño, sausage and cheese.  We’ve also had the sausage patty kolache, brisket and egg, bacon and egg.  Yum.  The secret is in the kolache dough. I have never had such buttery tasting, delicious kolache dough.  To us, the dough is usually just an obstacle to the good stuff in the middle.  But this dough.. soooo good!  It would make excellent Thanksigiving dinner rolls actually!

beef bbq. yum.

On the right side of the display, there are sweet pastries made with the delicious kolache dough.  They have all sorts of yummy flavors… the raspberry/cream cheese was delicious.  There are also cinnamon rolls.. we’ve tried them.  They are okay, but we’ll stick to the kolaches.  Now, the BEST part comes at 10:30 am, when they bring out their lunch kolaches.  Every weekend, J asks if they can start making them earlier in the day (they always say no, but we’ll keep working on it.)

The lunch kolaches are so good, we could eat them for every meal.  Among our favorites are the polish kolache which is a jumbo sausage kolache and the pepperoni kolache which tastes like the most delicious pizza roll ever. EVER!  Recently, we discovered the BBQ kolaches – they have BBQ beef and pulled pork.  We tried the BBQ beef this weekend.  So yummy, the County Line down the street better watch out.

Kolache Stop is closed on Mondays… but my advice, stop on your way to work on Tuesday!  And, if you are there on Saturday at 10:30 when the lunch rolls come out of the oven, we’ll see you there!

Our rating: 

Atmosphere 8.0
Service 9.0
Food 9.0
Total 8.7

Kolache Stop
11703 Huebner
Suite 200
San Antonio, TX 78230

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5 responses to “These Kolaches Will Change Your Life.

  1. if you like KS, then you’d love Sol Y Luna. My personal fave for kolaches, plus the pastries, danish, bread and muffins are extraordinary.

    A trip to Boerne for Bear Moon Bakery is a 30 minutes well worth investing for breakfast, and a pie to take home. I dont know how she does it, but Paula makes the best pecan and apple pies.

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