Cheesy Cheeseburgers at Chester’s


We have been on a super unhealthy food kick, and so, it wasn’t surprising that a mid-day burger craving hit us.  We usually drive down to Luke when a burger craving strikes, but it seemed so far away at the time.  Chester’s was on the way home and so it became our burger destination.  Burgers are  a point of contention between me and J (he likes Chris Madrid’s and I hate it), but we both agree — Chester’s burgers are delish.

There are several locations across the city, but we stopped at the I-10 location near Wurzbach.  There’s lots of seating, including a nice sunroom type area.  Like many burger joints, you order at a counter at Chester’s.  J was most impressed with the huge wall of beer refrigerators behind the register.  We pondered the menu and the adult beverage selection, and ended up ordering a cheeseburger (for me), a chili cheeseburger (for J), fries to share, a stuffed jalapeño, and we pre-ordered two milkshakes to pick up on our way out.

lotsa meat

Even though it wasn’t crowded, it took about 25 minutes for our order to come out.  It was worth the wait.  We scarfed down the burgers.  The stuffed jalapeño isn’t what we expected, but darn it was good!  Basically, they take a jalapeño and halve it, and then fill the halves with a cream cheese mixture.  You better have some water or milk handy because they are HOT!!  The wine and beer did nothing to lessen the heat… we were wishing that we had not saved those milkshakes for the road.  The fries were the only less than stellar part of the meal.. they were a little too thick and greasy for our taste.

shake it.

On our way out, the counter server made our milkshakes fresh.  I had chocolate and J had strawberry… both very yummy and rich, just like old-fashioned diner milkshakes.  We really didn’t need dessert after our burgers, but … they were so good, there wasn’t a drop left!  Chester’s has secured its place on our list of standby burger craving spots.

Our review:

Atmosphere 6.0
Service 6.0
Food 8.0
Total 6.7

Chester’s Hamburgers
9980 IH 10
San Antonio,TX
(210) 699-1222
Several locations across the city

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2 responses to “Cheesy Cheeseburgers at Chester’s

  1. Your coworker JP here. I am a long-time fan of Chester’s. I prefer the simple cheeseburger with lettuce, mayo, and ketchup. Yes, the fries take some getting used to. Lunch the next time you have a burger craving?

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