Bigz Burgers are Giant

We pass Bigz all the time, so I am not sure what took us so long to stop by — especially given our love of all things made from ground meat.  We called beforehand to see if we could bring the pups and guess what?  You can (on the patio of course)!  Dog friendly and delicious — what more could you ask for? Continue reading


Cheesy Cheeseburgers at Chester’s


We have been on a super unhealthy food kick, and so, it wasn’t surprising that a mid-day burger craving hit us.  We usually drive down to Luke when a burger craving strikes, but it seemed so far away at the time.  Chester’s was on the way home and so it became our burger destination.  Burgers are  a point of contention between me and J (he likes Chris Madrid’s and I hate it), but we both agree — Chester’s burgers are delish. Continue reading

An Unlikely Spot for a Delicious Burger: Lüke

It’s hard to believe that the best burger I’ve had in town is at Lüke, a restaurant which is fashioned after the “Franco-German brasseries that once dominated New Orleans.”  Burgers are not your standard French, German or New Orleans fare… but who cares?!  Woohoo I finally found a yummy burger! Continue reading

Grease ‘n Cheese at Chris Madrid’s


Someone please tell me: Is there a good burger in this city?  The two burger places that are frequently recommended to us are Longhorn Cafe (previously reviewed) and Chris Madrid’s.  I am not the biggest fan of either, but Chris Madrid’s is definitely my less favorite of the two.  However, judging by the crowd at this place, I am definitely in the minority.  Chris Madrid’s is, I am told, a San Antonio institution. I can’t figure out why. To be fair, J does really like this place, but I have a feeling it’s because it reminds him of his old college days. Continue reading

Greasy Goodness at Longhorn Cafe

A friend of ours gave us a very long list of places we have to try.. and for great burgers, Longhorn Cafe topped her list.  Our intent to have a late breakfast turned into a quest for a yummy burger and we found ourselves at Longhorn Cafe.  In my book, a good burger is a Super Burger from Eat’n Park. This burger wasn’t quite like that, but good all the same. Continue reading