Hoping Sustenio Will Sustain

It’s been a while, fellow diners! A little break was all I needed to shed those “memories of meals past” that I carried with me.  Mostly on my thighs.

I’ve heard both good and bad about Sustenio and J has been there for lunch, and we figured we’d try it out with a couple of our dining buddies, M&M, before they move back to Houston.   The only consistent commentary I’ve heard about Sustenio is that it’s in a weird place.   That is definitely true.



As we pulled up to the massive Eilan retail/residential/hotel space in which Sustenio resides, I felt as if we were in Vegas.  Well, except there were no cars in the parking lot, no people in sight, and there was an eerie abandoned quietness that made me think we should turn back.   I was waiting for the tumbleweed to blow by, but J assured me that he had been to Sustenio for lunch and that it really did exist, so we pressed on.  The question is, can a restaurant succeed in a venue that is so empty and off the beaten path?   I hope so! Continue reading


Francesca’s But Not at Sunset

amuse bouche

We’ve been wanting to go to Francesca’s and it seems like a special occasion kinda place, so we headed there on our sixth month anniversary.  J tried to make reservations early so we could see the sunset.. but Francesca’s doesn’t open til 6 pm (well after sunset in December), so we settled for Francesca’s in the dark.  It was actually quite pretty because the trees outside the window were all done up with lights for the holiday.  We scored Francesca’s an 8.0 overall.

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