An Unlikely Spot for a Delicious Burger: Lüke

It’s hard to believe that the best burger I’ve had in town is at Lüke, a restaurant which is fashioned after the “Franco-German brasseries that once dominated New Orleans.”  Burgers are not your standard French, German or New Orleans fare… but who cares?!  Woohoo I finally found a yummy burger!

shrimp in cup

We’ve been to Lüke several times now, and while everything we’ve had is good (le plateau de fruits de mer, the crab blt, the crab omelet,canard roti), the burger takes the cake.  Our new favorite weekend lunch is going to Luke’s to split a cup of shrimp and a burger.  The cup of shrimp is seriously divine – lightly battered and fried, and served in a cup with a spicy remoulade mayonnaise.  On our last lunch trip, we also got a cup of donut holes with a raspberry sauce compliments of the chef – so yummy… but sooo rich!


I have searched high and low for an amazing burger, and I finally found what I was looking for in Luke’s burger.  No more skimpy burger patties for this girl!  The Luke burger is nice and thick, and at a medium temperature, it’s super juicy!  The burger is topped withcaramelized onions, Allen Benton bacon and Emmenthaler swiss.  I have no idea who Allen Benton is, but he makes some damn good bacon. The fries it’s served with are skinny and super crispy.

My only issue with Luke is that it is always VERY loud.  Especially on weekends during lunch… usually there is a little jazz trio.  The horns are blaring so loud, we can barely chat over the din. Some sound dampening panels would do wonders for the experience, but despite the loudness.. we’ll be back.  I can’t stay away from this burger.

My rating:

Atmosphere 5.5
Service 7.0
Food 8.0
Total 6.8

Such a juicy, yummy burger. And, oh! The shrimp in a cup is delish.

125 E. Houston Street
San Antonio, TX 78205

Lüke on Urbanspoon


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