Modern Seafood at the Sandbar

After a busy work week, J and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner.  We turned to the Fearless Critic guide for dining inspiration.  Not in the mood for a dud, we chose the guide’s top pick – Sandbar.  All I can say is “wow.”  J and I definitely agree… Sandbar is a top contender for best restaurant in San Antonio.  Certainly it wins the category of best seafood (Sorry Wildfish!)

We were impressed with the simple and modern decor when we walked in.  The hostess greeted us and sat us…. at an awkward table near the bar in a very high traffic area.  It seemed that the manager could feel our disappointment and he ran across the restaurant and asked us if we’d like a different table.  Which of course we did.  Once we were settled in, the sommelier came over to inquire about which wine we’d like (a sommelier in San Antonio!  yay!)


Our waitress was the sweetest thing ever.  It was her first dinner shift, so she seemed a bit timid at first, but quickly warmed up when she realized we weren’t going to bite.  We started out with one of the appetizer specials, a pork belly dish, and the tuna with soy and wasabi from the raw menu.  Both were fabulous, but the pork belly really stood out.  You can get a good piece of tuna at any sushi place, but you don’t often find perfectly prepared pork belly at a fish place!  We cleaned the plates and decided on the main course.



I was torn.  As much as I like seafood, I am extremely picky about it, so I often just choose the old standbys that are easy to prepare and I know I’ll like…. salmon, redfish, tuna.  But, I was feeling confident that Sandbar would not disappoint so I ordered the swordfish.  J decided on the scallops.  The swordfish was divine – perfectly prepared and served with some baby bok choy.  J’s scallops were also expertly prepared and served with the winner of the night – delicious shredded brussels sprouts.

key lime

For dessert, we decided on the key lime pie which is really more of an amazing tart than a pie.  Not only did the dessert look like a work of art, but it was soooo tasty!  While visiting Key West, I made it my mission to try lots of key lime pie… and here, hundred of miles away, this key lime tart could stand up to any of those Key West pies.  We’ll definitely be back!!

Our rating:

Atmosphere 9.0
Service 8.0
Food 9.0
Total 8.7

Beautiful decor, lovely service — and most importantly, fabulous food!  We can’t wait to go back!

200 East Grayson, Suite 117
San Antonio, TX 78215

Sandbar Fish House & Market on Urbanspoon


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