It’s True: Food IS Bliss

We’d been hearing great things about Bliss for a while now, but just made it there a couple of weeks ago.  The restaurant’s website states that “food is bliss” and after this dining experience, I agree!  Located in Southtown, this trendy spot has plenty of parking, a cute bar and some outdoor seating.

We had a reservation for 8 diners, but J and I arrived first.  As soon as we walked in the door, I was sure I’d like it.  The decor is reminiscent of one of our favorite spots in Houston, Tiny’s No. 5.  We ordered some wine and perused the menu as we waited for the rest of our party.  I knew we would have a hard time deciding!  Bliss, like some of my other favorite restaurants in town, serves what’s seasonal and available.  The restaurant is lively, but not loud.  You can enjoy a conversation with your table and not feel like you have to shout.. or that everyone in the place can hear you.


When the rest of our party arrived, we ordered a whole bunch of appetizers – the oyster sliders, crispy fried quail, fried kale, and the beef empanadas.  All were delicious, but I could not get enough of the kale!  It was so light and crispy – how I wish I could make that at home!  I have attempted kale at home once… not pretty.  The oyster sliders – yummy! – seemed to be the table favorite as the plate was clean within seconds.

pork ‘n beans

For the main course, it seemed like the table sampled everything between us all.  I had the gazpacho to start (ambitious after trying all of the appetizers) and the scallops for dinner.  J wasn’t feeling adventurous and went with an old standby — the beef tenderloin.  Also at the table, we had pork and beans — a fancied up version of the home cooked favorite, this dish was described on the menu as “grilled & braised red chile Kurabuta pork shank, Italian corona beans, broccolini, pickled red onions.”  Two diners had the halibut.. by all accounts it was divine.  Last but not least, someone tried the grilled lamb loin served with goat cheese mashed potatoes, ratatouille, sautéed spinach, figs, and grain mustard sauce.


After all of the appetizers, well-portioned dinners and wine, no one was really hungry for dessert, but no review is really complete without trying a little bite of dessert.  I had heard that the grapefruit tiramisu was the best dessert ever… but alas!  It was not on the menu that night.  We settled on the pecan pie, which of course was artfully presented and delicious!!  A very sweet ending to a fun night with friends… we will certainly be back soon!

The group’s score:

Atmosphere 8.8
Service 8.4
Food 8.3
Total 8.5

For Value, Bliss scored a 7.0.  Dinner here isn’t cheap, but the delicious and expertly-prepared food is worth the money.

More photos on Facebook.

926 S. Presa Street
San Antonio, TX 78210

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3 responses to “It’s True: Food IS Bliss

  1. Not quite my Bacchanal, but it sounds like a fantastic dinner. I had the scallops my first time there. Loved them. This is one time where it’s a good thing to say, “Told you so.” I think we should go together next time. The wine’s on me…


  2. Drooooollliiinnggg alllllll over keyboard now!!!  The oyster sliders (on biscuits!!!!) sound WOW! (i love the oysters at Silo, which was Bliss’ original signature creation before he bowed down from that gig…I can only imagine how incredible the master-himself’s version tastes….).  Kale is the only green vegetable that I have a hard time learning to love; I think that Bliss can help me get over that aversion 🙂   How were the scallops? (one of my favorite ocean dwellers)    The menu prices are not posted on their website….what was the price of the apps and entrees that you ordered?    Changing topics…..if you have not ventured to Castroville (about a 30-40 minute drive from San Antonio, due west on Hwy, 90 toward Hondo), I highly recommend Le Chat Noir Eatery.  It’s a small, elegant (yet NOT AT ALL pretentious) locally owned restaurant located in the miniscule “downtown Castroville” area.   They are only open Friday-Tuesday and I think that dinner is only served on Friday and Saturday evenings.    I’d love to hear any other Bliss details that you have the time to share! Enjoy the wet weekend! Gretchen

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