Ready for Rosario’s

For those of you that have been following the blog, you know that I have struggled to find a good Mexican place in San Antonio.  After several attempts, I was left dreaming about all of the yummy Tex Mex in Houston – until now!  We decided to try Rosario’s before an event at the AT&T Center and I was pleasantly surprised.  All is not lost!  Continue reading


La Fogata: Forget It!

Three San Antonio Mexican restaurants have been recommended to me over and over again – Los Barrios (meh), Paloma Blanca (better), and La Fogata (major eww.)  I have other restaurants in my review queue, but I am writing this one first because I feel compelled to let people know, if you are thinking about going, DON’T!  My friend was in town and surprisingly, La Fogata had been recommended to her as well by friends in Houston.  Yelp and Urbanspoon reviews confirmed that this was a good choice.  My question is, are people crazy??? Continue reading

Tex Mex Trial (and Error)


We don’t really like Tex Mex that much.  There, I said it.  Maybe it’s the places I’ve tried (if someone has a reco, send it my way). Since I moved to Texas several years ago, I’ve repeatedly attempted to like Tex Mex.  In San Antonio and Houston alike, margarita happy hours with chips and salsa are practically a way of life.  Anyway, my parents were in town and they really love Tex Mex.  Unfortunately, they live in Pittsburgh and the options are limited.  Based on a friend’s recommendation, we decided to take them to Los Barrios on Blanco Road.  Continue reading