Little Aussie Bakery: Pretty Good for Gluten-Free

But thank God I don’t have Celiac’s disease.  I was missing my Houston favorite, Empire Cafe, so I searched Yelp and Urbanspoon and it seemed like Little Aussie Bakery would be a good substitute.  A hippie-ish feel in a yuppy-ish part of town – yayyyy!  Well, I didn’t read the parts about how it’s a gluten-free establishment.  In fact, you cannot even bring in any items that might have gluten in them (not that I carry around a pile of donuts and buns).  I guess people with gluten sensitivities will steal your baked goods and eat them?  Or the gluten dust will turn them into stone?  Not sure.   Continue reading


What’s Cookin’ in Auden’s Kitchen


We have been wanting to try out Auden’s Kitchen for a while now because we really love Bruce Auden’s other restaurant, Biga on the Banks.  J’s brother was in town and we were looking for a place that had a nice variety of dishes — and Auden’s Kitchen fit the bill.  As soon as we walked in, I knew we would like it. Continue reading

Starting the New Year Off Right at Madhatters


The holiday season was hard on our bank account, so we decided that in January we would focus on “cheap eats.”  And, eating healthier… It turns out our quest to find the best food in San Antonio has resulted in us packing on a few extra pounds.  After a day of exploring the city, we decided to grab a late, light and reasonably-priced lunch at Madhatters Tea House & Cafe. Continue reading

A New Year’s Eve Feast

tres chic

The San Antonio Express-News recently reviewed Feast and wrote, “Everything about Feast is beautiful — the gleaming whitewalls and tables, clear acrylic chairs, glittering multicolored chandeliers, the glamorous servers of both sexes, and the gorgeous plating of various dishes.” We could not agree more.  It was as if we stepped out of casual, comfy San Antonio and into the Chicago or NYC dining scene.

Continue reading