Cheesy Cheeseburgers at Chester’s


We have been on a super unhealthy food kick, and so, it wasn’t surprising that a mid-day burger craving hit us.  We usually drive down to Luke when a burger craving strikes, but it seemed so far away at the time.  Chester’s was on the way home and so it became our burger destination.  Burgers are  a point of contention between me and J (he likes Chris Madrid’s and I hate it), but we both agree — Chester’s burgers are delish. Continue reading


Real Indo-Pak Deliciousness at Mustafa


I have been missing authentic Indian food since we moved here.  None of the restaurants we’ve visited (Bombay Hall, India Palace, Mela) have hit the spot.  After months of asking around, I’ve heard Mustafa come up over and over again.  So, we took the opportunity to stop by for dinner.  On the second floor of a building at Medical and and Fairhaven, Mustafa is a hidden gem.  Without the word of mouth recommendations, we would have never heard about it.  Sooo glad we did!

Continue reading

Ready for Rosario’s

For those of you that have been following the blog, you know that I have struggled to find a good Mexican place in San Antonio.  After several attempts, I was left dreaming about all of the yummy Tex Mex in Houston – until now!  We decided to try Rosario’s before an event at the AT&T Center and I was pleasantly surprised.  All is not lost!  Continue reading

An Unlikely Spot for a Delicious Burger: Lüke

It’s hard to believe that the best burger I’ve had in town is at Lüke, a restaurant which is fashioned after the “Franco-German brasseries that once dominated New Orleans.”  Burgers are not your standard French, German or New Orleans fare… but who cares?!  Woohoo I finally found a yummy burger! Continue reading

Délicieux Dîner au Frederick’s


Every couple of weeks, we go to dinner with friends of ours and alternate the restaurant choice.  After a stinker on our part, our friends suggested Frederick’s for a special occasion, my birthday :).  We’ve heard that Frederick’s is fabulous so we were excited about their choice.  Frederick’s is touted as a Franco-Vietnamese restaurant.  Truly, it seemed much more French than Vietnamese to me, but the food was delicious just the same.   Continue reading